One mommy’s awesome explanation of Sensory Processing Disorder especially as it applies to chewing. Bravo! I think I’ll go grab a carrot stick and some nuts myself!

my mommy-brain

a friend posted a question on facebook about the oral seeking behaviors of kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and my friend wanted to know, from those of us with a SPD kid, if what she has read about oral seeking behaviors  was accurate. my short answer to her was “yes” but then i sat down and crafted a rather lengthy response that included a little more explanation and examples of our personal experience. so i thought maybe i’d share my long response here, too, just in case…..

and i’ll include this little disclaimer too: i am not an OT, PT or physician or any other allied health professional that diagnoses or works with children with SPD. i am not a Sensory Processing Disorder expert. i am the mom of a wonderful little boy who has SPD and the following is my non-professional understanding of how SPD “works,” what behaviors…

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