Two in one day, oh my! This reblog is a perfect explanation of how one parent has quickly learned about Sensory Processing Disorder and applied the new concepts at home. I applaud!!!

Doh' Micile

John4andahalf016This week was rough for Tiny. He got in trouble at school. In fact, his teacher told me Wednesday that since Christmas break he had been having a hard time. We had a talk with him in his language (trains, man, trains), and made sure he understood that some of the things he gets after school – his prize from the prize box, Slushy Monday and Donut Friday, choosing the music in the car, etc. – were rewards for a job well done.

Don’t do the job, we explained, and you don’t get the rewards.

We’ve been working hard with him, because a few months ago he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. His eagle-eyed teacher knew in September that his constant motion, his inability to sit still had nothing to do with defiance, and nothing to do with how smart he is (I mean, he can read now). “I…

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