I found this beautiful blog by an OT today and thought I’d share. It is an amazing thing when we find ourselves being spirit-ministers as a part of our therapeutic relationships with clients and their families. How have you experienced this? Do you find it challenging? Is your own spirituality, faith or perhaps even lack thereof an issue in your OT practice?


I had one of those experiences today when you see God at work in your day to day life.

Noticed in last weeks local paper that one of my clients who was palliative care had passed away. Had a chance between client’s today to call his widow – she sounded better than I expected but had to end the call when overcome with tears. It was her second attempt to say good-bye to me so I guess I wondered if I’d overstepped. I made a note to myself to send a sympathy card.

Finished my last client with plenty of time spare to pick up my daughter from school, was planning to park in the car park there to finish off some notes but as I was getting close to the widow’s road I wondered if I should call in. I decided to pull over on her road to do…

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